ARacer RC Mini 5 Ecu for Z125


The RC mini 5 is a full plug and play replacement ecu for your motorcycle. This means that all the issues associated with piggyback systems are gone, and you now have full control over all of the functions of the ecu! This ecu comes with a B-Link system, which means all controls and adjustments can be made via bluetooth connection using your smartphone! 


The RC Mini 5 gives you full control over fuel supply, spark angle, rev limit and idle control, as well as full monitoring and recording live data. 


Other features include: 

- Autotune function (Mustconnect the ARacer AF1 unit in order to work)

- Wideband Control

- Output A/F Ratio and voltage to ARacer DG-1 Gauge

- Quickshifter functionality (When used with ARacer quickshifter unit)



***This is a specialty product which is designed for race use only, to be used and installed by professionals. Moto Mods can not be held responsible for any problems which result from incorrect installation and tuning of ecu products due to the nature that they are designed for OFF ROAD USE ONLY. 


  • Disclaimer:  We are unable to offer any warranty on any engine parts or big bore kits due to the unusual stresses placed on these parts and the way in which we have no control over how they are installed and used. Any items which are visibly defected or damage prior to install, we will be happy to honour, however items which have been used are at the risk and responsibility of the customer. Moto Mods will not be held liable for any failure or damage caused directly or indirectly from use of these products or engine. All installation and modification is recommended to be performed by a fully qualified mechanic to ensure the safety of the customer and quality of work done on the motorcycle. By installing parts listed with this warning, it is assumed the customer has accepted the risk and responsiblity of engine failure and Moto Mods can not be held responsible.