Kitaco Type 1 Honda Grom/Monkey Camshaft is designed for mid-range power where mid-range torque is needed. (5000rpm)

Kitaco Honda Grom/Monkey Type 1 Camshaft:

  • Valve Timing Angle (when using STD Cylinder Head)
  • N Valve: OPEN 7-degrees BTDC/CLOSE 36-degrees ABDC
  • EX Valve: OPEN 37-degrees BBDC/CLOSE 9-degrees ATDC Is the corresponding Grom Normal cylinder head High camshaft.
  • Decompression Removed
  • Requires fuel controller


Kitaco Honda Grom/Monkey Type 2 Camshaft design to top-end power

Kitaco Honda/Monkey Grom Type 2 Camshaft

Valve timing angle (for stock cylinder head)

IN valve open 7°btdc close 36°abdc

EX valve open 37°bbdc close 9°atdc 1mm lift ■

  • Decompression Removed
  • Requires fuel controller

Kitaco Type1 Grom Camshaft will give you mid-range power while the Type2 camshaft will give you top end high rpm power.

Kitaco Camshaft