MODIFIED (6 BOLT) GENUINE HONDA OEM CLUTCH PRESSURE PLATE - HONDA GROM 125 (2014-2020) and Honda Monkey 125 (2019+)

This modified clutch pressure plate would require an aftermarket clutch lifter plate with 6 holes. It would work perfectly with Sex Machine Racing CNC Lifter Plate.


Installation tip:

These OEM clutch parts are made from a low-pressure cast aluminum. Please make sure that you tighten down the bolts in a star pattern evenly and in increments. Do not over tighten! Also, make sure that the lifter plate is seated correctly once the lifter plate is about to make contact with the pressure plate before torquing the bolts. If the tab breaks during installation, it's not covered under any replacement or warranty as Honda doesn't warranty replacement parts and most likely the breakage was due to an installation error. Take your time to install this part. 


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